Property and family disputes account for 76% of litigation in the Courts of India. Around 66% of all cases are property-related litigations, and 10%, the second largest chunk, are family matters.

It is estimated that almost 27 million cases are pending in the courts of India and an estimated 90 million Indians are awaiting justice through the Legal system. It is further estimated that more than 70,000 Judges are needed to clear the backlog of cases and if something is not done decisively and quickly, it may take up to 320 years to clear the millions of cases that are pending.

Uttar Pradesh accounts for the largest number of cases in courts of India with approximately 60 lakh cases of both civil and criminal nature. Sikkim accounts for the lowest number of cases with less than 1600 cases in court.

It is estimated that civil litigants spend an average of Rs 497 per day on court hearings while incurring a loss of Rs 844 per day due to loss of pay or business. The total cost of litigation every year is equivalent to about 0.5 percent of India's annual GDP.

With land records in several states dating back to pre independence India, it is hardly surprising that fraud is rampant and delays in settling disputes are inevitable.

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