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Cases relating to property disputes constitute almost 70% of all litigation currently in the courts of India. At propertybachao.com we have created a space for individuals and institutions to make a truthful declaration to the public regarding their legal interest or ownership in any property. Such a legal interest may be in the nature of sole or partial ownership of a property or properties.


While under litigation, an aggrieved party may bring to the notice of the court that he or she is legally entitled to a share or full ownership of a property or properties and has brought all those properties on court records. After review, the Court may pass an order of status quo of ownership of the property/properties based on its opinion. This will further seal the disputed nature of property/properties. You may publish orders such as these on our website so that more and more people are aware that the said property is under dispute. This will help you protect your property from cheats who would like to usurp your rights and profit by selling or buying a disputed property. We give you an additional avenue to ensure that a large audience is aware of your legal rights to a property.


In case you would like the public, in general, to be aware of the fact that you are a sole or part owner of a property even if the property is not under litigation or dispute, you can also publish such information on our website. This service is particularly beneficial for NRI’s or out of town owners of properties who pre-emptively wish to make public aware of their ownership status in a property. Such parties can also make public aware if they have given any individual a Power of Attorney to deal in the property on their behalf. We also give you the choice to have any interested party contact you directly if you so wish or anonymously through our website.


If you are a Bank or a Financial Institution and have a portfolio of properties under loan default, you may publish all your Auction Notices on our website so that you may attract a maximum number of interested buyers and recover your loans.


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