Individual Users

Are you a litigant in an ongoing court case regarding a property or properties to which you have made a claim?



If you are in dispute with someone regarding a property and the matter is in court awaiting adjudication, you can use our website to publish details of this property such as a relevant court order. By publishing the property details on propertybachao.com, you will be able to forewarn more and more people about this matter, ensuring as much as you can that you are not cheated out of that property and someone does not buy it knowing it is in dispute.


Are you a litigant in an ongoing court case regarding a property or properties where the court has given an order, such as of Status Quo, in your favour?



If you are a litigant in a property related matter and the court has granted an Injunction maintaining status quo of the property till it is under litigation, you may publish details of the matter such as the relevant court order on our website. This will ensure that more and more people become aware of this dispute and the selling or buying of this property can be prevented and your interests protected.

Were you a litigant in a property related case where a court has passed a final order in your favour making you a part or sole owner of a property or properties? If so, you may publish these details including a copy of the order on our website so that more and more people can come to know that you are the legal owner of the said property.


Are you an NRI who wishes to safeguard his property from cheats?


Do you live in a state in India but have a property in another state of the country and wish to safeguard your property from cheats?



If you are not physically present where your property is located, you can publish details of your property and of your ownership of that property on our website. You will also get a chance to share information about any Power of Attorney that you have issued in favour of someone regarding this property. In addition, you can choose to give your contact details for buyers or those interested in your property to get in touch with you or your authorized representative directly.


Are you looking to buy a property but would like to determine whether it is legally unencumbered or not?



When looking to buy a property, one common concern is whether the property is legally unencumbered or not. It is not unknown for people to sell properties that are in dispute by falsifying truth in sale deeds, thereby cheating unsuspecting buyers. Propertybachao.com provides such buyers a platform for conducting additional scrutiny regarding the property provided that property has been listed on our website by its owners or litigants. 

Institutional Users

Are you a Bank or a Non-Banking Financial Institution that has a portfolio of repossessed properties from loan defaulters?



At propertybachao.com, you can upload details of all your Auction Properties under one roof. General public and interested parties / buyers can review these properties with ease, thereby helping you maximize your loan recoveries quickly.


Are you a legal Liquidator / Bank / Non-Banking Financial Institution / Debt Recovery Cell of the Government? Do you have a portfolio of properties awaiting sale through liquidation?



You can upload details of all such properties on propertybachao.com so that maximum people become aware of them and you are able to get the concentrated attention of a large number of prospective buyers.


Are you an Investor/Buyer looking to buy properties from Banks and financial entities through their authorised auctions?



propertybachao.com works as a one-stop shop for Investors and buyers who are looking to buy properties through legal auctions.


Are you an Investor/Buyer who would like to collaborate with a property owner for his property listed on our website?



At propertybachao.com, you can reach out and connect with owners of properties if you wish to collaborate with them regarding a property as a developer, buyer or a seller.


Are you an Attorney / Law Firm, who would like to safeguard your clients’ interest by listing their properties on propertybachao.com?



If you are a lawyer or a legal firm, you can have your client’s list their disputed properties or properties that they wish to safeguard pre-emptively on our website so that this information reaches a large number of people.